"We're sinister and sacred." - The Flood

Hello Stranger was formed in a dusty Los Angeles rehearsal studio in 2015, but the origins of the group date back more than a decade.

Sam Deffenbaugh (Singer/Guitarist) spent his childhood moving across the country. During this time, he wrote songs to capture these diverse political and cultural experiences. The result was an eclectic body of work influenced by 90’s alternative, folk, punk, and even classical.

In 2015 Deffenbaugh moved to Los Angeles and met accomplished drummer, Daniel Rodriguez. They were soon joined by the spectacular jazz-trained musician, Doug Slohm, on bass. Finally, the group was completed when Alex Monfort joined bringing his experience as a prodigious blues guitarist to the fold.

Hello Stranger combines Deffenbaugh’s expansive songwriting with Rodriguez's thunderous drumming, Slohm's expressive grooves, and Monfort’s soulful leads. Their sound is rooted in rock history, but is also inventive, wide-ranging, and modern.

Hello Stranger released their debut record, Long Division, in January 2018, and the response was overwhelming. In the first week alone, the album received 200k+ downloads and streams.

The band is currently hard at work supporting Long Division and working on a follow up album.

Get [Long Division] like your life depends upon it – they will make your day!
— LAMusicCritic
The soaring melodies and synergetic harmonies sit so tightly within each other, you’re brought to a higher plateau than you could ever reach listening to Nirvana. Yes, it’s a bold statement, but I’m sticking to it.
— Amelia Vandergast (A&R Factory)
[Hello Stranger] clearly has a lot of chemistry and has created a really great sound to back the already great songwriting.
— Rock the Pigeon
Long Division is full of dramatic and eclectic tracks...and shows why Hello Stranger has quickly grown such a strong following.
— The Music Butcher
Hello Stranger works tight and well together as a trio and Long Division is a consistent album that’s well balanced and well produced.
— Divide and Conquer
Hello Stranger is a group that everyone should watch out for.
— Listen Hear Reviews